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Our Accident Attorneys are knowledgeable and very well trained. Being involved in an
accident that involves a big rig or any type of truck can be downright devastating. Your life
can literally be altered in an instant. More so if any of the members traveling in
your vehicle were seriously injured or even killed in the incident. Having a great accident attorney is very important.

When your vehicle collides with a fifteen ton rig, odds are not in your favor. Passengers
will likely experience some form of injuries or mental trauma as a result of the collision.
At the very least, passengers will be in need of medical attention, legal counsel, and
financial assistance.

Hire An Accident Attorney With A True Desire To Help You

When you have been the victim of a truck collision, it is vital to take necessary steps
that will help to ensure a good physical and emotional outcome, as well as financial, for
yourself and for your passengers. The following tips should be followed if you have been
in a truck accident.

Before calling an accident attorney the very first thing you should do, if it is safe to do so,
is to contact the police as soon after the collision as possible. It is vital that these professionals are called so that they can make reports and also attend to any individuals that could be injured. The police will also need to take witness statements in order to gather evidence about the cause and
nature of the collision. The statements and evidence gathered will be essential for your
accident attorney to build your case.

Our Accident Attorneys Will Immediately Tell You What’s Next

Next, you must obtain the truck driver’s insurance information. Even if you are not able
to contact the police right away, you do need this information, such as license number,
plates, and insurance information. Even if you and your passengers have not suffered
that greatly from the collision, you will still need to have documented the event for your
truck accident attorney. You will find that having this information will greatly benefit you
down the road, especially if someone in your vehicle has an injury that does not show up
for months after the event.

It is also greatly vital to your future case pleadings that you do not admit any fault in the
event, as this can negate any future compensation that you may otherwise be entitled to.
There are many ramifications to admitting fault in any type of collision, so staying silent
in this regard will greatly benefit you in the long run.

Next, either you or someone able to in your party, should check out the damage done to
your vehicle and the area surrounding it. If you have a digital camera with you, it is a
good idea to get as many pictures of the damage as possible. This will help your truck
accident attorney in reconstructing the accident during court proceedings. Take pictures
of the scene, such as anything relevant to the event. In other words, tire tracks and the
damage to each vehicle should be noted and captured on film for future proceedings.
Keep the photos private unless your attorney instructs you that other parties are privy to
the knowledge held in the photos.

Then you should see a doctor at the very first available appointment. Either your
physician or an emergency room physician will suffice. This way, you have medical
documentation of your physical injuries, and speaking to a counselor about any mental
trauma you have experienced is also a great idea. Sometimes, you will find that you don’t
experience any pain in your body for several days or weeks after the accident. At
this time, it is vital to have had all of the information previously mentioned available,
this way you will be able to have proof of where the injuries stemmed.

Afterward, you will want to notify your insurance company. It is vital to have your
insurance company involved, especially if the other driver has no insurance or is under
insured. In this respect, you will have access to some form of compensation should the
other driver not be able to compensate you fully. It is not, however, a good idea to give
any type of statement to the insurance company of the truck driver, as anything you say
could be used against you in the future. Laws from state to state will differ in what is
considered acceptable and unacceptable when it comes to the type of contact you must
have with insurance companies, so having a dedicated truck accident attorney on your
side is your best bet for righteous treatment.

Finally, hire a responsible truck accident lawyer as soon as possible after the accident.
Your long term health can be negatively affected by this type of accident, so it is best to
have someone that is looking out for your best interests on your side. Your attorney will
act as your ally in obtaining the type of compensation that you deserve.

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You and your family can have your entire life in upheaval following a collision with a
big rig. Your entire life can change in the blink of an eye. If you are properly prepared
to take the right steps at the scene of the accident, as well as in the days and weeks to
follow, it can mean the difference between being compensated fairly and not being
compensated at all. This can change your whole life if you do not have the right truck
accident lawyer behind you at every step. We want to be your accident attorney.

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