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You are preparing for your first meeting with your car accident attorney about your potential injury claim.  If you keep in mind that your lawyer uses this first meeting to assess your case and claim, you will be better prepared to leave a good first impression, meaning better chances of a car accident attorney agreeing to represent you.

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Your first order of business is to get yourself organized.  Your car accident attorney is going to need certain documentation from you to evaluate your claim.  You will be adequately prepared if you put together a folder with the following information before this first important meeting:

You will need your police and/or accident report.  This documentation helps us to view the case from all aspects and not just from the version that you have reiterated.  This documentation gives us accounts of eyewitnesses, any special circumstances, such as the involvement of alcohol, and whether anyone was ticketed for the accident.

You will want photos of the scene.  These photos help the car accident attorney to get a sense of what the accident was like, how it occurred, and who was truly at fault.  If gives him or her insight into the weather and other conditions present at the time of the accident.

At the time of the accident, you will want to gain as much information from the other driver as possible, because it comes in handy to be able to give this information to your car accident attorney as well.  We will use this information to find out as much as he or she can about the other involved driver, such as if this is their first accident or if they have been involved in many.

You will want to have names and contact info for the eyewitnesses to the accident.  Eyewitnesses can be helpful in establishing who was at fault in the accident.  The car accident attorney will put all statements together to be sure that there has been an accurate retelling of events and to ensure that the witnesses are credible.

You will also want to have photographs of the damage that has been done to you and your vehicle.  By having pictures of the damage to the vehicle, we will be able to figure out how the accident occurred.  Many times, an insurance company will judge the injuries to the involved parties based on the damage to the vehicles.  They, as well as jurors, will view suspiciously any injury claims where the damage to the vehicles involved is not that extensive.  Your car accident attorney will be able to judge how much opposition you may face based on the damage to the vehicles.  By having photos of your injuries that are visible, you stand a much better chance of believability by all parties involved.  Photos can also be used to show the progression of your treatment.

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You will also want to have your medical records available to show that you have other extended proof of your injuries and your treatment.  This can help the car accident attorney to ascertain the extent of your injuries and the costs of your treatment.  Sometimes your injuries may require ongoing medical treatment for months, thus putting you out of work, and for this you deserve compensation.  Having proper documentation of your lost wages will also help your case.  The loss of wages is compensable.

You will also want proof of your insurance.  We need to explore all avenues of compensation in case the other driver is not insured or is under insured.  If the amount of your claim will likely exceed the available amounts from the other driver, your attorney will look toward your insurance policy for the added coverage.

Also you will want to put together a listing of any prior legal claims that you have made and the medical history relevant to those.  Insurance companies may want to know if you have made many claims before and what the outcome of each was.  Insurance companies will try everything to discredit your current claim.

It is a good idea to show to your car accident attorney that you are responsible, and by bringing the above information, you show that you are and that you are dependable, as well.  Also, be courteous to the staff and always be reachable when your attorney tries to get a hold of you.  You do not want to give the impression that you are difficult to work with.

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If your car accident attorney decides to take on your case, you may have to sign medical release forms so that he or she can obtain pertinent information relating to your case.  You will also have to sign a retainer agreement.  Your lawyer will take on this type of case on a contingency fee basis, so it will most likely be a contingency fee agreement that you sign, which is to ensure to us that he or she will obtain his or her cut of the settlement at the appropriate time.  Your lawyer’s fee will be a percentage of your settlement, so it is good to work out that your settlement after the fees is what you hoped to get to begin with.

Select a competent car accident lawyer and it can make a huge difference in the outcome of your case.  Also, keep in mind that you only have a certain amount of time, depending on your state of residence, in order to file your claim.  We want to be your car accident attorneys, we don’t win unless you do.

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