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The need for an experienced car accident lawyer is becoming obvious. Over the past few years, the insurance industry has steadily become more aggressive and demanding, while also becoming less forgiving of claims that have been submitted for any type of injury resulting from car collisions.  Innocent people who have become victims are often made out to be liars, and genuine tragedies get minimized by adjusters who have been trained to deny, delay, and ignore.

Let Our Car Accident Lawyers Protect You

No doubt, auto accident victims are not generally properly trained to deal with these professional adjusters.  That is where we, as your legal representation, are trained.  Our car accident lawyers are trained in handling the insurance adjusters that only wish to deny your claim and we can get you your just compensation.  In order for us to help you, the following information should be heeded so that we can help you in your claims process.  We don’t win unless you do.

First of all, you will need to learn how to do all of the little things correctly.  This will enable you to possibly obtain a higher settlement offer.  One of the first things that you will need to collect is all of your medical records pertaining to the collision, and you must make sure that all of the DIAGNOSTIC and CPT codes are on these documents.  With these codes on your medical bills, the insurance adjuster can process these bills much more quickly.  Our car accident lawyers are familiar with the way insurance agencies like to work. Because the insurance agency only knows what you tell them, you must be sure to tell them as much as possible about the incident at the same time being able to back it up with actual documentation.

One good rule of thumb is to keep a camera in your vehicle.  This is so that, in the event of an accident, you are able to photograph the incident, as well as the damage to your vehicle and any other vehicles that were involved, in addition to the accident scene.  This evidence will be the best you can have for proving fault and for obtaining your compensation.  If there is any damage at all to your vehicle, be sure to document it in photos.  Also, take photos of any injuries sustained by individuals in your vehicle.  Bruises will fade, but photos will not.  Photos are your first line of defense. That is what your car accident lawyer will ask you for.

Choose a good doctor for your care, and be sure to follow your doctor’s orders.  If you are told to have any type of therapy, go to the therapy sessions as much as you are supposed to.  By hiring our car accident lawyers, we can tell you the right type of doctor to see that will help your case.  If you honestly cannot afford medical care, speak with us about options that are available to you.  We can often find medical practitioners that will work on a lien type basis to get you the medical care you desperately need.

Legal Consultation Available To Get You The Result You Deserve

It is also a good idea to keep a medical journal. This way you can document when you have pain and when you are experiencing feelings that you would not have experienced except for the incident.  For instance, if you are losing sleep because you are experiencing stress, write it down.  This will come in handy in the future if a case must go to trial.  Keep your diary honest and open.

Our car accident lawyers will also recommend for you to keep tabs on your spending.  For instance, if you buy a bottle of Tylenol, keep the receipt.  The amount that you spent on that bottle may not be much, and it may not matter to your claim, but it documents that you have pain and that you are doing what you can to try to rid yourself of that pain.

Talking to the insurance company should be avoided at all costs.  Leave that work to us, as we will handle all aspects of your case and we will work on your behalf.  Sometimes, adjusters can trick you into saying something that could cost you your case.  Part of the reason you hired us is to do the talking for you. Let us do the part of car accident lawyer.

Be prepared to show documentation of any lost wages.  If you are having to miss out on work because of doctor’s or counseling appointments, be aware that this can be taken into consideration when figuring out your settlement amount.  Be prepared to give in-depth information as to your employment and keep copies of everything that you submit, so that you are covered.  If and when your doctor tells you it is okay to go back to work, then do so.  Also, do not overlook any sources of recovery for your claim.  For instance, your car insurance policy may have coverage for medical payments.  Look into this, or give us the information so that we may do so for you.

Gilbert & Stern Car Accident Lawyers Don’t Win Unless You Do Too!

When we take on cases, we do so because we believe in the validity of the claim.  Our goal is too make you whole again, our car accident lawyers will help you do that.

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