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The Truck Accident Lawyers, here at Gilbert & Stern, are experienced and will give you the time and effort that your case deserves. This presentation is meant to help you understand the process you will go through when you hire your truck accident lawyer.  All cases are different, but the following information is how the most typical of cases proceeds.  Each accident follows a common thread from the time of the collision up to the time of the settlement hearing or a trial, depending on how far you must go to obtain your compensation. Your truck accident lawyer can tell you more about this process.

Where To Begin

The first step occurs during the first three days following the accident.  During this time you will determine whether or not you are in need of medical treatment.  Regardless of whether you are hurt vitally or just scrapes, you will still want to make an appointment, as some injuries will not appear for several days.  It is also at this point that you should make an appointment to speak with one of our qualified truck accident lawyers.  Getting us on your case right away will help us help you.  After you have first seen the doctor, a treatment plan may be set in place, and it is at this time that we will be putting together your case for your compensation.

During the first week you will most likely be set up on your treatment program under your physician’s care.  Meanwhile, we will be doing any number of things, such as ordering police reports and setting up claims with the proper insurance companies.  Many times, claims may already have been filed, but we will notify each adjuster that we are the firm now working on your case.  Together with the adjusters, your truck accident lawyer will appoint a time to go over the evidence we have accumulated.

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Throughout the course of the first month, you will likely be continuing your treatment program, and most likely be seeing some form of improvement.  Your truck accident lawyer will have your file built up by this time with all of the pertinent documentation.  We will also have contacted eyewitnesses to get statements.  All that is left at this point is to wait for release from your doctor’s care.

After you have been released from your physician’s care, we will collect the remaining medical records and medical bills so that we can properly put together a settlement package for you.  At this point the settlement package will be sent to the insurance adjuster.  Once the adjuster receives the package, he or she will review it and decide on a possible settlement.  This process normally takes about two to three weeks.  Your truck accident lawyer will have a normal back and forth discussion with the adjuster in order to obtain a settlement agreement that is to your satisfaction.  Our goal is to be able to get you a settlement that is high enough to pay for all of the bills that you have incurred from the incident and still have money left over sufficient for pain and suffering.  Many cases will settle at this point.  If your case settles at this point, then the adjuster will send to us a release form and the settlement check.

In some cases, it is not possible, for whatever reason, to obtain a settlement.  At this point, it becomes necessary to file a lawsuit.  Together, your truck accident lawyer and you will decide if this is the step that you wish to take.  If you cannot reach a settlement, a lawsuit is the only way that you can prosecute for your rights.  At the same time, this does not mean that you cannot still settle your case if you want to.  Both parties are free to settle at any point in the duration.  Filing the lawsuit simply means that the parties have reached a point when negotiating is no longer working.  If the adjuster does not want to settle, they will hire their own attorney.  At this time, pre-trial discovery will take place, which is simply both lawyers exchanging information about the case.  This process can take anywhere from four to eight months on average, so it is actually beneficial for you if at some point the adjuster decides to settle.  If not, then you will proceed to trial with your truck accident lawyer by your side every step of the way.

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Find A Truck Accident Lawyer
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If no settlement takes place, mediation will occur before the actual trial, whereas a mediator will try to help the parties reach an agreement before the case must go to trial.  It is actually in both parties best interests if the case does not proceed to trial, as this can cost both parties more money in fees in the long run.  Even if the case does go to trial, both parties will still, at any time, be able to settle if that is what they wish to do.  Only twenty percent of cases ever actually go completely through a trial, as most cases reach a settlement agreement before this.

Our hope is that this helps to take some of the mystery out of claims processing and that you now have a better understanding of the claims process. We proudly stand by our approach and we know you’ll be pleased with your Truck Accident Lawyer here at Gilbert & Stern.

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